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The Story Behind the Installation

Our street’s journey began on the road, when we were touring our theatre show A Thing Mislaid. We had just become a Theatre Company of Sanctuary, and whilst on tour, we kept meeting so many inspiring people who were newly arrived in the UK with stories to share. These were tales of the things they love, the people they cherish and their passions in the world. We decided then and there on tour that we needed to give voice to these stories and bring them out into public spaces, to be heard, to be part of the neighbourhood stories of the UK.

We welcome you today to step into the role of ‘neighbour’, take the time to listen and get to know people as just that, as people, as friends, as neighbours. And then, whilst you are here, why not write a note back to one of those neighbours on our street.

Thanks for joining us today, we hope you enjoy meeting everyone as much as we have over the last 3 years whilst working on this project.

Maison Foo x

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