Bharti’s house

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Welcome to Bharti’s house, which is based on a story told by neighbour storyteller Bharti Negi. Our creative family living in this house are Bharti Negi, Gayle Chong Kwan and Sam Wilde

Bharti was born in a countryside village in North East India. She loves to garden, paint, sing and be creative. Bharti would love to work as a teaching assistant. Bharti lives with her Daughter and her family of plants in Leicester.

Gayle is a British artist who was born in Edinburgh to a Chinese Mauritian Dad and Scottish Mum. She is known for her large-scale mise-en-scene environments and photographs, created out of waste products, found materials and documentary sources, and which are often sited in the public realm. Visit Gayle’s website.

Sam is a British set, costume and puppet designer. Sam was the Laboratory Set and Costume Designer at Nuffield Theatres, Southampton 2016-17 and trained in Theatre Design at Bristol Old Vic Theatre school graduating with an MA in 2015. Sam was listed in the Stage Top 100 in 2021. Visit Sam’s Website.